Experts in Biomechanics and Surface Analysis in Life Science


Unravelling the physical mechanisms involved in complex biological processes and diseases is one of the main challenges of biology. At BioMeca® we believe that the starting point is to determine structural and mechanical properties of biological samples to have a better understanding of such processes. Since 2004, researchers from BioMeca® develop powerful biophysical methodologies suitable for in vitro, in situ and in vivo studies.


At BioMeca®, your samples can go through:

  • optimization of sample preparation
  • high-resolution live imaging
  • nano-indentation force measurements
  • computational analysis
  • statistical analysis

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Our fleet of instruments and our expertise offer the solutions to your analytical needs : - Nano-structural details - Physical properties measurements - Studies from large biological samples down to individual molecules with sub-molecular resolution -


Our team is always looking for solutions to offer you a service tailored to your needs. Our privileged collaborations with research laboratories allows us to offer you efficient and innovative analysis adapted to biological samples.


BioMeca® is not only a service, it’s also : - An accessible team, dynamic and responsive - An interdisciplinary expertise - 15 years experience -


BioMeca was born from the meeting of two biologists, curious and convinced of the need to cross points of view and disciplines  to better understand biological processes and diseases. Our expertise is in the field of the nano-mechanical and nano-structural characterization of biological materials,  which allowed us to be asked for many prestigious collaborations (i.e. Ecole Normale Supérieure, France; Caltech, USA; Univ. Cambridge, UK...). For 13 years, team's members developped powerful biophysical methodologies (atomic force microscopy, nanoindentation...) suitable for in vitro, in situ and in vivo studies to characterize live cells, tissues and organs. Today we propose our knowledge and our expertise to answer your analytical requirements in life science.




Pascale Milani, PhD


Julien Chlasta, PhD


Gaël Runel



Meet us in Boston at the Collagen Gordon Research Conference.

July 16.21, 2017

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Let's meet up !

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BioMeca is a partner of the 19th Days of Biology of Mineralized Tissues .

Lyon, July 16.21, 2017

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Let's meet up !

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BioMeca® is awarded a prize...and it's cool !

JEA contest 2016, prize of "promissing project"

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  • 5 Days Agoview on linkedin


    Présentation de nos offres technologiques au bluesky meeting lors de la journée collaborative organisée par Lyonbiopôle. pascale milani y a présenté notre projet R&D OncoMeca.

  • 28 Days Agoview on linkedin


    La newsletter n°4 de BioMeca® sort aujourd'hui ! Au programme : le pouvoir résolutif de notre approche (de l'ADN aux protéines), le retour de la Gordon Research Conferences, ou et comment nous rencontrer en cette fin d'année. Pour nous joindre :

  • 1 Months, 5 Days Agoview on linkedin


    Avec l'équipe BioMeca® à l'atelier "méthodes innovantes d'analyse en biologie cutanée" . Une initiative commune du CED - Centre Européen de Dermocosmétologie et de Lyonbiopôle, intitulée AURA Skin Biology Network. Julien Chlasta y présentera nos innovations !

  • 2 Months, 29 Days Agoview on linkedin


    See you this week at the Collagen Gordon Research Conference (Colby Sawyer College, New London, NH, USA) ! What an awesome conference ! Amazing people, amazing talk and high quality science !

  • 3 Months, 4 Days Agoview on linkedin


    N'hésitez pas, inscrivez-vous à cet atelier : "Méthodes innovantes d'analyse en biologie cutanée". Pour nous rencontrer lors de cet événement :

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