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Your biomechanics trend book for cosmetics and pharmacology

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Fluorescent beads and confocal microscopy

In the context of skin ageing, smoothing effect and especially tension effect could be a relevant claim for cosmetic product.
Changes in skin morphology and physiology is the first observation of ageing process.

Discover how BioMeca is able to study smoothing effect of active ingredient or finished product by using fluorescent beads and confocal microscopy.
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Beyond BioMechanics, there is mechanotransduction

All living cells depend on their mechanical surroundings. Their structure and function are directly linked to this mechanical stimulus (shear stress, gravity).

Cells sense these physical forces by their integrin-based adhesion ("outside-in" and "inside-out") and translate them into biochemical and biological signals through mechanotransduction.
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What's new at BioMeca?

A new webinar in the agenda
Last april, we were delighted to launch our first webinar "Join AFM to fluorescence microscopy" by Gael Runel. Therefore, we'd like to make a second one happen with a new subject !
This time, our CEO, Julien Chlasta, will talk about "Electronic Force Microscopy (EFM) and spectroscopy: new perspectives of analyses of cell and tissue characteristics".
See you all on the 25th of June, 2020.
A registration link will soon be shared with you. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, you can still watch the full recording of our first webinar :
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Youtube: A new channel for more high value
The Youtube channel of BioMeca starts with the broadcast of our webinar. You can find live replays, scientific contents, and many other surprises. Enjoy !
Subscribe to our channel if you want to be notified of our new features and discover all our contents !
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"Since the 16th of March, 2020, BioMeca had to deal with an unprecedented situation of outbreak that has led to significant changes in our daily work. During this crisis, measures have been set up: short-time working, home office, webconferences...

We are therefore delighted to announce that, since the 11th of May, BioMeca has officially resumed its complete activity, still following health guidance. We provide our employees with hydroalcoholic gel and masks and organized workplaces in order to ensure social distancing measures.

Our utmost priority ? Always providing you the best service while giving a safe place to work to colleagues and partners.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about our "lockdown easing plan" at!"
BioMeca team
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