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The good, the bad and the benefic light for our body

Our skin has always been exposed to different levels of light. However, not every wavelengths of light have the same impacts on our skin...

With the pandemic crisis, the evolution of our life habits has new impacts. We're getting more blue light exposure than naturally...
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What's new at BioMeca?


Another great collaboration for BioMeca
A successful partnership with Gattefossé to jointly develop a new model of 3D dermal microtissue. The aim of the study has been to characterize elastic properties in vitro and measure Gattefossé's new active ingredient efficacy in fighting the alterations of skin's biomechanical properties.
More information in our press release below. 👇
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A warm welcome to Sarah, our new intern!
BioMeca is welcoming Sarah Miny, who joined us on January 2021. She is strengthening the R&D department as intern in skin biology.
Sarah will apply her skills into cellular biology to develop an innovative scientific approach in identifying new mechanical signatures.

We are delighted to work with her! 
BioMeca has moved!
In March 2021, BioMeca settled in Bioserra 2 (BIOPARC Lyon, France): 450 m² facility including 180 m² lab space and a BSL-2. 

Don't forget to update our new address:
BioMeca SAS
Bioserra 2 (5th floor)
60F avenue Rockefeller
69008 Lyon
Come visit us soon! 😉

Our new scientific publication is available
In collaboration with an academic team*, BioMeca has contributed to a new scientific publication named "Biomechanical Properties of Cancer Cells".
This review describes why morphological and nanomechanical parameters are so important to provide concerning tissue complexity adaptation during cancer development.
Discover abstract and full study on our website:
Discover the publication
*G. RUNEL(1-2), N. LOPEZ-RAMIREZ (1), J. CHLASTA (2), I. MASSE(1).
(1) Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon, CNRS-UMR5286, INSERM U1052, Université de Lyon, F-69008 Lyon France
(2) BioMeca, F-69008 Lyon, France
Two new partnerships in 2021
Once again, two more partnerships for BioMeca to begin 2021! 
Firstly, BioMeca integrates Axelera, a competitiveness cluster in the field of chemistry with ambition to develop innovative and competitive solutions for the industry of tomorrow in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

We're also proud to be a new member of Minalogic, a network that is the key to unite companies and partners in order to conceive new digital technologies.

Both will allow BioMeca to contribute a little further to the deployment of the region's attractiveness.

Picture of the month

Non-invasive and 3D visualization of the different skin compartments

AFM topographic image of human skin explant

At the top of the picture: epidermis with its 3 layers (granulosa, spinous and basal) and at the very top, stratum corneum.
At the bottom of the picture: dermis with above epidermis-dermis junction-containing area.

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