Stem integrity in Arabidopsis thaliana requires a load-bearing

Mariko Asaoka, Mao Ooe, Shizuka Gunji, Pascale Milani, Gaël Runel, Gorou Horiguchi,Olivier Hamant, Shinichiro Sawa, Hirokazu Tsukaya and Ali Ferjani.


Because plant cells are glued to each other via their cell walls, failure to coordinate growth among adjacent cells can create cracks in tissues. Here, we find that the unbalanced growth of inner and outer tissues in the clavata3 de-etiolated3 (clv3 det3) mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana stretched epidermal cells, ultimately generating cracks in stems. Stem growth slowed before cracks appeared along clv3 det3 stems, whereas inner pith cells became drastically distorted and accelerated their growth, yielding to stress, after the appearance of cracks. This is consistent with a key role of the epidermis in restricting growth. Mechanical property measurements recorded using an atomic force microscope revealed that epidermal cellwall stiffness decreased in det3 and clv3 det3 epidermises. Thus, we hypothesized that stem integrity depends on the epidermal resistance to mechanical stress. To formally test this hypothesis,we used the DET3 gene as part of a tissue-specific strategy to complement cell expansion defects. Epidermis-driven DET3 expression restored growth and restored the frequency of stemcracking to 20% of the clv3 det3 mutant, demonstrating the DET3-dependent load-bearing role of the epidermis.

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