Biomechanics to unravel the mystery of tissue regeneration

Proud to have been a part of this beautiful work ! In collaboration with Florence Ruggiero’s team, we demonstrated how ColXIV-A regulates the checkerboard basement membrane organization and its biomechanics. Gene profile of zebrafish fin regeneration offers clues to kinetics, organization and biomechanics of basement membrane. Pauline Nauroy, Alexandre Guiraud, Julien Chlasta, Marilyne Malbouyres, Benjamin […]

A brief manual of biomechanics (Act 1-Scene 1)

Stress, strain, relaxation, elastic modulus, viscoelasticity, dissipation…The feeling of hearing “blah blah blah” when you hear about biomechanics? No stress! We are decoding for you the physics terms important to the understanding of the properties of biological materials. Each month, find an illustrated fundamental notion of biomechanics. This month we start with a brief glossary. […]