BioMeca®: Science in our DNA

From biology to chemistry, through mathematics and physics, each scientific discipline has a key role in the development of care and therapeutic treatments. Like the complexity of the human body, all these sciences don’t speak the same language even though they are complementary…

If we want to understand the effect of our active ingredients and the therapeutic effect of our molecules, it’s necessary to understand their physical properties. Here is the added value of BioMeca: to accompany, enhance and understand the action of all external factors (chemical molecules, UV, IR, pollutants, bacteria, viruses, …) on the physical characteristics of biological systems (skin, hair, …).


Story of a scientific curiosity

At the end of his three-year thesis in biology in 2016, the creation of BioMeca® seemed obvious to Julien Chlasta. He quickly understood the interest of crossing points of view to go further into the understanding of biological processes and diseases.

Since 2016, the young biotech company, based in Lyon (France), has continued its glorious rise:

  • 2016: BioMeca® participates in the «Young Entrepreneur of the Year» competition. The prize won allowed the young biotech to gain the trust of some leading companies in skin biology (Boiron, Exsymol and L’Oréal).
  • 2017: BioMeca® becomes the holder of a «French Tech Emergence» grant offered by Bpi France to finance the development of a software innovation project. This grant encourages young French companies with growth potential, such as BioMeca® to emerge.
  • 2019: BioMeca® receives an «Innovation Development Grant» funded by Bpi France. It helps finance the innovation developed by BioMeca® before its industrial launch. The young company also became a laureate of the “Réseau Entreprendre Rhône”, with the objective of joining a very dense network and taking a step back from its activities.
  • 2020: in a global process of continuous improvement, BioMeca® is certified ISO 9001 for the first time in its history and files a technological patent for a «measuring device intended to be placed in contact with a tissue and a process for analysing the measured tissue data».
  • 2021: BioMeca® moves to its new facilities into the Laënnec Biopark (Lyon): a 450 m² platform, with 180 m² of laboratories, to fit its growing ambitions. The Lyon-based company is also getting a brand-new look, completing a rebranding process started in 2020.

As it gradually develops, BioMeca confirms its great promises. Between new hires, new large-scale biological projects and new partnerships (Lyonbiopôle, La French Tech or Cosmetic Valley), BioMeca is definitely on its way to become a key player in cutaneous biology…

BioMeca history key dates science


At the crossroads of sciences

BioMeca® translates physical formulas and theorems into biological interpretations.

Human’s skin is the most extensive organ of our body, always subjected to external aggressions and to multiple researches, development and testing. Elastic modulus, visco-elasticity, stiffness, tension… so many concepts applied in physics that find with BioMeca® their full dimension into skin biology.

It’s always difficult to take images or mechanical properties of living biological tissues in their physiological environment. To overcome these technical limitations, BioMeca® develops powerful approaches adapted to in vitro, in situ and in vivo.

In order to bring more and more innovation and rigour to scientific projects, our expertise allies atomic force microscopy and high-resolution optical imaging technologies. Confocal, light sheet and second harmonic generation microscopy are all precision tools that support research and development and accelerate marketing of more effective and personalized care.

« We design tailor-made technologies for each specific case. Our ambition is also to explain, interpret and translate the results into our clients’ vocabulary so that our worlds can cross and understand each other, » according to Julien.

Always guided by an inexhaustible curiosity about science, BioMeca® constantly invests its energy in developing a common language between the pillars of science.