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One of the main challenges in development of new therapies is to understand the biological mechanisms involved in pathologies. The solution developed by BioMeca in pharmacology helps you to understand mechanisms of action and therapeutic effects of your molecules and drugs.

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Tissue stiffness

Pancreatic cancer is the 4th most frequent cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide and should become the 2nd one hence 2030. The extracellular matrix in the tumor microenvironment modulates the cancer cell phenotype and need to be more studied to develop efficient treatment
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Skin disorders

The main barrier of the skin is located in the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. Several damages in stratum corneum involve skin barrier disorders as Atopic Dermatitis, complex disease due to multiple factors (immunologic, genetic, environnemental).
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Case studies

Tumor escape and extracellular matrix

A new dependence receptors family (DR) has been discovered by one of our academic partner. These receptors inhibit tumor progression by inducing apoptosis when cancer cells are in absence of DR ligands.
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Are you a smoker? Here’s how it affects your skin!

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end and what could be better than to finish it with a good reading about the effects tobacco has on your skin? If you’re a smoker, or even if you’re planning to stop, we assure you this article will help you decide to quit it
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29 November 2022