BioMeca’s team


The creation of BioMeca was obvious, as the company was the meeting point of a multitude of factors. Even though we’ve had everything to create a strong solution that corresponds to the market’s expectations and we were perfectly in tune, it has been mostly our innovation’s attractivness that allows us to be more than just a fashion trend. This project fascinates me in all its facets, even accounting tasks !

Schedule changes every morning and requires a lot of energy and rhythm, but there is life in this shack. It’s in that boiling atmosphere that I am feeling good. BioMeca has a little bit of a Spanish hostel feel to it! Everyone in the team comes with their own baggage, their own vision of the labor. Young, older, tattooed, bearded… Here, we don’t mind as long as there are competences and this affinity that we are sharing on the fringes of science.

Bio-imaging Engineer

I’ve met BioMeca’s associates in an academic lab, before being recruited to support the development with my skills in optical microscopy. This kind of opportunity doesn’t pop up often at the end of a Master’s degree. We’ve got along so well that my answer was yes without the slightest hesitation. The subjects covered are so diverse, ranging from proteoliposomes to plants or skin explants. For a same biological sample, you can comeback to it whenever it’s necessary and have to completely change the scientific approach to reach your aim, but if biology were linear, you’d be bored.

My mission could be compared to opening a toolbox. Whether there’s a need for image analysis software, or a system to make measurements in atomic force microscopy, I give the boost that unlocks! At BioMeca, I can’t remember if we ever said we’re stuck. At the same time, we’re great at the Escape Game…

Lab Manager

I joined BioMeca’s team in 2020, after a PhD in biology and 6 years of experience in cell and molecular biology. With my deep expertise in microscopy (confocal, ExM expansion, 3D-SIM and STED), I was eager to work on atomic force microscopy and gain skills on this brand-new tool! I enjoy my role as Lab manager because the pace is fast and the missions are diverse, from developing innovative solutions to managing the safety of the lab, there is no time to get bored.

As a passionate scientist, innovation is what I feel good with, and it is a core value at BioMeca. There is always a new innovative project to work on, and it’s more than satisfying to see the results coming through!

Business Development Director

After a year as consultant for BioMeca, and after a professional crush at the first meeting, I left a settled life in London to join the team and share my experience with this rough diamond ! On one hand, I hunt for prospects right up to congresses and scientific conferences. On the other hand, I transfer my skills and my experience, bringing business management and organisational tools. I’m also the one who shakes things up because it’s worth it !

BioMeca has science in its DNA : it comes at the right time, and has everything that the market needs. And above all, the founder’s enthusiasm, his responsiveness, his company’s vision, the objectives in healthcare field, and the growth of internal careers, etc… All of this never ceases to convince me !