June 2021

Skin’s mechanomarkers

Presented by Céline Paillier, Business Development Director of BioMeca.

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January 2021

Demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative skin care products through biomechanics

A special webinar about an innovative study presented by Julien Chlasta, CEO of BioMeca, and Lucie Brachet, Founder of Réjence. Only available in French.

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October 2020

Highlighting blue light effects in skin using AFM

Presented by Jean-André Lapart, Lab Manager of BioMeca.

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June 2020

Electronic force microscopy and spectroscopy: new perspectives for cell and tissue analysis

Presented by Julien Chlasta, CEO of BioMeca.

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April 2020

Join AFM to fluorescence microscopy: a new perspective for your research

Presented by Gael Runel, bio-imaging engineer of Biomeca.

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