Webinar #1: Join AFM to fluorescence microscopy – A new perspective for your research

Watch the full replay of our very first webinar

“Join AFM to fluorescence microscopy – A new perspective for your research”, a webinar presented by Gael Runel.

00:00 Introduction and presentation
03:38 Atomic force microscopy (AFM) : principle and application
18:25 Second harmonic microscopy (SHG) : principle and application
29:48 Light sheet microscopy (LSM) : principle and application
33:11 Conclusion : Synthesis and what’s next ?

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Skin barrier

Epidermal differenciation triggers to the formation of apoptotic cells, corenocytes more or less cohesive. One of the main role of these cells is to regulate epidermis permeability. The skin barrier is due to the accumulation of lipids.
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Case studies

Skin penetration

In cosmetic industry and more generally in chemical formulation, it is important to understand active ingredients effects and how far they penetrate the different skin layers.
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Tensing effect

The dermis is largely composed of dense collagen-rich extracellular matrix (ECM). Dermal collagen represents by far the most abundant ECM protein and constitutes the bulk of skin.
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