How to characterize skin barrier?

Epidermal differentiation triggers to the formation of dead cells, cornenocytes which regulate epidermis permeability.


Evaluation of skin barrier restoration

BioMeca® provides a solution to evaluate a nourishing cream effect through the study of the structural and mechanical properties of stratum corneum. BioMeca also characterizes corneocytes’ aspect (rugosity, stiffness…) before and after treatment with a cream, to prove a smoothing effect. 

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Smoothing effect

Skin mobilization is the result of the different mobility capacities of the skin and its underlying structures. When the skin is stretched and mobilized, there is an elastic restoring force opposite to the axis of tension,which tends to return the skin to its previous state.
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Tensing effect

The dermis is largely composed of dense collagen-rich extracellular matrix (ECM). Dermal collagen represents by far the most abundant ECM protein and constitutes the bulk of skin.
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Wound healing

Wound healing is a very complex process, specific to every organism and tissue, and addresses several factors and different cellular and tissular groups.
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