Webinar #6 : Skin regeneration

Watch the replay of our sixth webinar

“Skin regeneration”, a webinar presented by Jean-André LAPART, Lab Manager at BioMeca.

00:00  Introduction and presentation
05:15  The stem cells, their role, location and markers
19:35  What happens during ageing ?
23:32  The mechanical properties
26:46  Conclusion

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Anti-aging and regenerating effect

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and represents our first barrier against external stress but also undergoes internal stress, such as intrinsic aging…
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Case studies

Wound healing

Wound healing is a very complex process, specific to every organism and tissue, and addresses several factors and different cellular and tissular groups.
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Case studies

Skin barrier

Epidermal differenciation triggers to the formation of apoptotic cells, corenocytes more or less cohesive. One of the main role of these cells is to regulate epidermis permeability. The skin barrier is due to the accumulation of lipids.
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