Our atomic force microscopes (AFM) and our expertise offer the solutions to your analytical needs : nano-structural details, physical properties measurements, studies from large biological samples down to individual molecules with sub-molecular resolution.

AFM Bioscope Catalyst (Bruker) + Macrofluo (Leïca).

AFM BioScope Catalyst Bruker

Our Bioscope is designed to best answer concerns of biologists, biophysicists and bioengineers. It used Pearforce Tapping™ technology for an high performance imaging and mechanical characterization on the softest samples such as :

  • Single molecules and membranes (DNA, proteins, puried membranes…).
  • Live cells, tissues and organisms (tissue morphogenesis, cell-cell adhesion…).
  • Mechanobiology and cells / tissues / extracellular matrix mechanics (elastic modulus, stiffness, adhesion…).
  • Force spectroscopy (protein folding, molecular recognition mapping…).
  • Biomaterials and biotechnology (cells and tissues engineering, pharmacological tests..).

BioMeca also offers you the possibility to further your research by proposing correlative microscopy studies. Our Bioscope Catalyst is coupled with an right fluorescence macroscope (Macrofluo, Leïca) and is designed to integrate with inverted light microscopes (confocal laser scanning microscopes, TIRF, super-résolution techniques, FTIR, Raman…) (available under condition).

Technical specifications

AFM MultiMode 8 (Bruker)

AFM MultiMode 8 Bruker

The success of this AFM is based on its superior resolution and performance. Our MultiMode 8 is equipped with the PeakForce Tapping™ technology that enable us to create high resolution image and a  direct mapping of nanomechanical properties (elastic modulus, stiffness, adhesion…). Our AFM is suited for imaging in both air and liquid. It’s the ideal AFM for high resolution characterization for :

  • Material and polymer science
  • Life science (DNA, proteins, membranes…)

Technical specifications