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BioMeca is able to measure the stiffness of corneocytes from health subjects and to compare it to the values obtained in non-involved skin of patients with Atopic Dermatitis, all analysed according to the status of filaggrin gene mutation.

Biological models: native human corneocytes harvested by tape-stripping from different stratum corneum depths.

Methods: Stiffness tomography using atomic force microscopy (AFM) on mid-thickness stratum corneum cells harvested with tape stripping.

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Skin disorders : how to characterize stratum corneum mechanical properties ?

The main barrier of the skin is located in the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.

Several damages in stratum corneum involve skin barrier disorders as Atopic Dermatitis, complex disease due to multiple factors (immunologic, genetic, environnemental).

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