Holistic Beauty : Everything you need to know is already inside you

The concept

When you think about holistic beauty, there are probably many questions that go inside your head. « What is holistic beauty ? », « Why does everybody keep talking about it ? », « Should I jump in the trend ? »
Before answering to all these questions, one thing’s for sure ; you have to understand what it means.
Etymologycally speaking, « Holos » in Greek means « whole ». A holistic beauty routine focuses as much on inner well-being as it does on the physical aspect. In other words, taking care of yourself according to the principles of holistic beauty is about finding balance between body and mind.
Holistic Beauty frames the whole beauty concept as one, meaning that one side of the beauty aspect can’t fonction without the other. It not only embraces the physical side of beauty but the emotional side of it too. To radiate vitality and beauty you have to work first on your emotions.

To make it shorter and clearer : physical beauty + emotional beauty = Holistic beauty.

Holistic beauty consist on taking care of your body but also of your mental health. So, that’s why, in this article, we’re about to give you a few tips to take care of your inner and outer self.

1. Sleep, eat and exercise

The first thing you need to know is that, in order to take care of you physical beauty, it is important for you to keep a balanced diet, to rest well and to practice any kind of physical activity  that makes you feel good and keeps you motivated during the process.  But also don’t forget to take some time to rest so you can relax and treat yourself.

Food also plays an important role in every holistic beauty routine, in order to achieve your goal of a clear skin it is important to take out of your diet all processed foods. Try reducing your oily food and sugar intake until you stop it all together, always choose to have the cleanest food you can have. Cook your own meals using healthy ingredients and a rational amount of salt, privileging veggies, fruits and whole foods. This will do wonders to your skin, hair and mental health.

A holistic beauty routine begins with a zen state of mind in order to promote positive emotions and inner well-being.

A good idea to enjoy your « me-time » is to do some rituals that will help you feel relaxed and will keep your body stress-free. To achieve this, you can try exercises like tai chi, watch out for your hydration levels, indulging in organic products on your diet and regularly take micro naps.

2. Facial yoga ; your ally !

So we already showed you the principles of holistic beauty in its « inner wholeness » meaning that you have to take care of your diet, your sport activity and your sleep schedule in order to improve your mental health. Now it’s time to explore another side of the whole holistic beauty concept ; skin and facial care ! Facial yoga is a ritual of holistic beauty and an anti aging beauty tip that allows you to discover how to tone and work on your facial expression lines to prevent creases and keep it oxygenated at the same time.

3. Homemade skin and hair remedies

Just like we said it before, the best remedies are the ones who’s receipes contain fresh and organic ingredients. Holistic beauty products prioritize the organic ones. For exemple, if you have dry skin, coconut oil can do wonders for you. You just have to spread a small amount of it on the most sensitive areas of your skin, like the bangs under your eyes and the skin around your mouth. Coconut oil can also help your hair grow; just massage it in your scalp before or after washing your hair.

Another amazing and organic ingredient that will help you skin is honey. If you’re having a breakout you can spread a thin layer of honey all over your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. To exfoliate your dead skin you can apply a mask made of honey, oatmeal and mashed fruit.

However there are some amazing products in the market that are organic-based and made out of revolutionary biomecanical techniques that will totally do wonders to your skin. In BioMeca, we are constantly developping innovative methods for testing cosmetic products that will guarantee you an amazing clear skin.

4. Positive Energy

Holistic lifestyle mindset is also believing less is more. This is a mantra that can apply to a lot of aspects of your life, for exemple, it could mean that you should surround yourself with good people that will only bring positive energy into your life. It also means resting when you need to.

Holistic mindset separates itself from the fast-paced lifestyle acknowledging that the body needs to rest to reenergize.

5. Mindfulness

The truth is, you don’t need meditation to be mindfull. Even though it helps a lot, you can still be busy and mindful at the same time. The only thing you need to do is imagine, for exemple, while you’re applying your skincare, the nutrients penetrating your skin and making it healthy.  That simple act will help you believe that you don’t need much to feel beautiful and will help you achieve a natural holistic beauty glow.

At BioMeca our main focus is to create products and testing services that will guarantee the beauty and health of your skin. That’s why we believe in the principles of holistic beauty and we work hard to develop new techniques to guarantee the addition of the right products in your routine.

So now that you are fully aware of the concept of holistic beauty, you can start your journey and dive in the whole concept of holistic health. Once you join this mindset, you will feel it in your growth, lifestyle and even relationships!