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BioMeca démontre l'effet cicatrisant BioMeca démontre l'effet cicatrisant

BioMeca® solutions

BioMeca® provides a solution to investigate actives or products effect on cell-to-cell junction robustness and cell motility.

BioMeca® also provides a solution to evaluate an active or product effect on : fibroblasts activity (traction force and motility) and quality/amount of newly-synthetised extracellular matrix.

Biological models:

  • Full reconstructed skin, making a notch mimicking a wound.
  • Cryosections from previous skin models at different times of healing


  • Visualization and quantification of cell-to-cell junctions
  • Tensile strength and motility of fibroblasts

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Case study

How to evaluate effectiveness of healing on dermis and epidermis ?

Wound healing is a very complex process, specific to every organism and tissue, and addresses several factors and different cellular and tissular groups.

Cutaneous wound healing involves many processes of dermis and epidermis regeneration for which physical forces play a crucial role. Indeed, dermis regeneration concerns fibroblasts ability to engage its traction forces and to produce and organize new tissues. 

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