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Biomechanics and mechanobiology

Biomechanics uses mechanical and physics principles to understand biological systems as structure of human cells, tissues or organs. Mechanobiology studies the way how physical forces in cell or tissue can contribute to develop changes or even diseases...
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1 February 2020

Stress and strain

Our body, our organs, ours cells are submitted to mechanical stress. The influence of mechanical stress of living organisms is omnipresent. It depends not only on environmental and endogenous loads (pressure exerted by cavities and blood) but also on intrinsic mechanical...
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8 July 2019

A brief manual of biomechanics

Stress, strain, relaxation, elastic modulus, viscoelasticity, dissipation…The feeling of hearing “blah blah blah” when you hear about biomechanics? No stress! We are decoding for you the physics terms important to the understanding of the properties of biological...
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4 October 2018