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Glomeca #7 – Cutaneous anisotropy

Here we will talk about a term which needs to be elucidated : anisotropy. Skin is described as an anisotropic soft material but it is essential to explain further to well understand how to use this term..
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9 November 2021

GloMeca #5 – Above visco-elasticity, hysteresis

The literature says that hysteresis is "a lagging or retardation of the effect, when the forces acting upon a body are changed, as if from velocity or internal friction".  From a mechanical point of view, skin can be compared to a composite material with a very-organized...
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25 November 2020

GloMeca #1 – Visco-elasticity

According a physicist, skin is considered as a multi-layer material composed by dermis, epidermis and hypodermis. Skin mechanical properties are mainly linked to the dermis which is composed by collagen fibers networks and elastics fibers. During aging, these fibers tend...
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27 February 2020