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BioMeca démontre la fonction barrière de vos cosmétiques BioMeca démontre la fonction barrière de vos cosmétiques

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DermoMeca® proposes to study a nourishing cream effect on structural and mechanical properties on multiple layers of skin.

Biological models: skin explant cryosection


  • Evaluation of stratum corneum’s lipids restoration – dry skin
  • Evaluation of skin restoration – sensitive skin

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How to evaluate skin barrier integrity ?

Epidermal differenciation triggers the formation of dead cells, corneocytes, more or less cohesive. One of the main role of these cells is to regulate epidermis permeability. The barrier function is due to the accumulation of lipids (free fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramides) inside intercorneocytic spaces organized in stacks. This lipid matrix acts as a cement in the cell-cell cohesion and has a crucial role in protecting skin.

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