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effet tenseur effet tenseur

BioMeca solutions

BioMeca proposes to characterize organization of collagen network, strength of cell-matrix interaction and cell traction force.

Biological models:

  • Cells grown on collagen lattice
  • Complex in vitro models: reconstructed skin models, skin explant, cryosection, etc.


  • Organization of the collagen network
  • Cell-matrix interaction force
  • Cellular traction force

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Case study

How to demonstrate a tensing effect ?

The dermis is largely composed of dense collagen-rich extracellular matrix (ECM). Dermal collagen represents by far the most abundant ECM protein and constitutes the bulk of skin. Dermal connective tissue collagen is essentially responsible for the skin’s tensile strength and mechanical properties. In human skin dermis, collagen-rich ECM is synthesized, organized, and physically maintained by dermal fibroblasts.

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