How to characterize the biomechanical and structural properties of a spheroid?

Better than a long explanation, a study carried out with one of our partners.


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Binding proteins characterization

To characterize a transmembrane protein by High Resolution Imaging and localize its binding sites, BioMeca® provides 2 solutions : Force-Distance curve-based Atomic Force Microscopy (FD-based AFM) technology for High Resolution Imaging, aAFM tips functionalization with a…
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Case studies

Skin disorders

The main barrier of the skin is located in the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. Several damages in stratum corneum involve skin barrier disorders as Atopic Dermatitis, compex disease due to multiple factors (immunologic, genetic, environnemental)…
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Case studies

Tumor escape and extracellular matrix

A new dependence receptors family (DR) has been discovered by one of our academic partner. These receptors inhibit tumor progression by inducing apoptosis when cancer cells are in absence of DR ligands. Due to the frequent inactivation of their apoptotic function in human…
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