How to evaluate the impact of blue light on skin ?

Light is necessary for life, but long exposure to artificial light is becoming a major health concern. The LED technologies are relatively new and the long-term effects of exposure to blue light across the lifespan are not yet understood.


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BioMeca® provides a solution to study physical behavior of fibroblasts, cells responsible for collagen and elastin synthesis, and dermis sustaining capacity.

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Skin barrier

Epidermal differenciation triggers to the formation of apoptotic cells, corenocytes more or less cohesive. One of the main role of these cells is to regulate epidermis permeability. The skin barrier is due to the accumulation of lipids.
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Case studies

Hair protection

Hair is a constant victim of many agressions : water, sun, brushing, pollution, having shine and smooth hair with blow dryers and heating irons… The robust structure of its external layer, the cuticle, protects it.
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Case studies

Plumping effect

Should skin pumpling a synonym to collagen production ? Yes certainly but not only. Stimulating microcirculation, moisturizing, nourishing are also effects to promote.
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