How UVA alters mechanical characteristics of the stratum corneum and dermis

Even though is nice to go outside, sun light can be very dangerous for the cutaneous barrier of the skin. Sadly, the effects of UVA have been less studied and characterised than UVB. That’s why, in this study, we’re interested in highlighting the effects of UVA exposure in skin mechanical properties.


BioMeca®‘s solutions

BioMeca® provides a solution by exposing skin punches to several doses of UVA and analysing its effects on the stratum corneum and dermis.

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Case studies

Skin penetration

In cosmetic industry and more generally in chemical formulation, it is important to understand active ingredients effects and how far they penetrate the different skin layers.
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Case studies

Skin barrier

Epidermal differenciation triggers to the formation of apoptotic cells, corenocytes more or less cohesive. One of the main role of these cells is to regulate epidermis permeability. The skin barrier is due to the accumulation of lipids.
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