Does a slimming cream have a draining action or does it promote fibrous cell destructuration ?

A slimming cream might have several actions depending on its target. It can regulate and balance storage and removal of fat. In this context, studying adipocytes, the responsible cells for fat storage in adipoe tissue, sheds light on its action’s mode.

A cream might also focus directly cellulite in having a draining action acting against water retention or even so in affecting fibrous connective tissue.

The formation of adipoe tissue is a complex process because it involves a wide variety of structures : adipocytes, lipids, water, extracellular matrix…

The microscopic scale of these structures requires solutions on this scale for their study under physiological conditions and the understanding of associated mechanisms such as lipolysis, water retention, fibrosis…

DermoMeca®‘s solutions

DermoMeca® offers a set of methodologies adapted to this kind of study with AFM analysis, in order to produce robust and quantitative topographic and nano-mechanical maps.

Evaluation of lypolytic and/or draining effect

Biological model : Subcutaneous adipose tissue taken from skin explant and cryosection.

Readouts :

  • Mechanical and quantitative AFM data : measurement of adipoe tissue stiffness. The more adipocytes are filled with lipids, the more the tissue will be waterlogged and the stiffer will appear.
  • Epifluorescence imaging : visualization of size and quantification with specific marking of lipids in adipoe tissue.

Section of labelled adipoe tissue showing lipid-filled adipocytes. 


This solution highlights the effect of an asset on its ability to :

  • Reduce the amount of fat or water
  • Reduce the size of adipocytes
  • “Soften” the fatty tissue


Evaluation of the “anti-fibrotic” “fiber-breaking” effect

Biological model : Cryosection of subcutaneous adipoe tissue taken from skin explants.

Readouts :

  • Measurements of mechanical properties (elastic modulus ie. stiffness)
  • AFM imaging of the extracellular matrix present in adipoe tissue : (i) topographic imaging of the section of adipoe tissue, (ii) high-resolution imaging of the collagen fibres of the matrix.
  • Morphometric data of the matrix (density, size and thickness of the fibres…)


This solution highlights the effect of the product on the remodelling and loosening activity of the fibrous component of cellulite. 

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