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Beyond BioMechanics, there is mechanotransduction

All living cells depend on their mechanical surroundings. Their structure and function are directly linked to this mechanical stimulus (shear stress, gravity). Cells sense these physical forces by their integrin-based adhesion (“outside-in” and “inside-out”) and translate t
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10 June 2020

GloMeca #1 – Visco-elasticity

According a physicist, skin is considered as a multi-layer material composed by dermis, epidermis and hypodermis. Skin mechanical properties are mainly linked to the dermis which is composed by collagen fibers networks and elastics fibers. During aging, these fibers tend...
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27 February 2020

A brief manual of biomechanics (Part 1)

Stress, strain, relaxation, elastic modulus, viscoelasticity, dissipation…The feeling of hearing “blah blah blah” when you hear about biomechanics? No stress! We are decoding for you the physics terms important to the understanding of the properties of biological...
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4 October 2018